256-bit vs 512-bit strength security

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I would like to share what Hugo Krawczyk, one of IBM's cryptographers has 
shared with me.
The 256-strength suite is total overkill.
There is no need to use AES with 256-bit key today or SHA-512.
Of course, the 128-bit suite may be broken next month (or in 5 years) but 
the same is possible 
for the 256-bit suite. Actually, who said 500-bit EC will not turn out to 
have only 128 bit of security in a 
breakthrough cryptanalysis in 5-10 years (or next month)?
Given the information we have today, the 128-bit suite is good enough for 
almost all commercial applications.
If you need security of your data for the next 50 years you may consider 
going to a stronger suite, but then 
(again) who said that the 256-bit will suffice? (for 50 year security I 
recommend sending it inside a physical safe :)
The only reason I see now for going for a 256-bit suite is to promote ECC.
That may or may not be a good idea, but it should be clear that that's the 
only relevant reason for this suite.
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256-bit vs 512-bit strength security
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On Wednesday afternoon in Vancouver, you will be asked
to vote your company's position on a choice between
mandating 256-bit strength security or 512-bit strength
security in SPC-4.
If you do not yet know your company's position,
now would be a good time to start asking some
embarrassing questions.
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