irrelevant section in SAS 2 rev 12 specification

Mona monika.talwar at
Tue Oct 30 23:00:15 PDT 2007

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Hello All,
I have noticed an issue in the recently uploaded SAS specification( SAS 
2 rev 12)
On page number 257, the following para seems to be irrelevant.
---------------------------------------------------- pg. 254, 
Before the transition, this state shall:
a) if a Phy Capabilities Bits Received message is received with an 
argument of parity bad, set the
ResetStatus state machine variable to PHY_RESET_PROBLEM; or
b) if no commonly supported settings exist after the Commonly Supported 
Settings state machine
variable is set, set the ResetStatus state machine variable to 
The above test talks about the situation when phy capability bits are 
detected by receiver. But the transition specified in Section# 
will happen only when Phy capabily bits are not detected by receiver 
before SNTT timer expires.  In this  case the parity error and commonly 
supported settings become meaninglless.
The above said para shall be specified under, as section# specifies the transition of State machine when Phy capability 
bits with [arity error are detected or no commonly supported settings 
are identified.
Please correct me if my inderstanding is incorrect.
Thanks and best regards

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