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Paul Suhler Paul.Suhler at Quantum.Com
Thu Oct 25 10:54:36 PDT 2007

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I 'm pleased to announce that Quantum is able to offer a contender for the
ADI Editor Fruit Basket.  As you may recall, when we first solicited editors
for ADC and ADT, Seagate (as we were known at the time) offered volunteers a
fruit basket, and Paul Entzel and Rod Wideman collected.  (While he would be
editing both ADT-2 and ADC-3, he will only collect one fruit basket.)
Paul Stone is a firmware engineer on LTO, who has worked on our formatter
chips since generation 1.  While his SCSI command experience is indirect, he
is very good at documentation and with our assistance he'll be able to learn
standardese quickly.  the management chain is aware of the time required and
fully supports his doing this job.
As the selection of editor will be voted on by the ADI working group, I
propose to vote on accepting Paul at next Wednesday's teleconference.  If
anyone feels that the vote should be deferred to the face-to-face meeting
the following Monday, that would be fine with me.  I think that we should
decide not later than that, so if anyone has anonther candidate, please
speak up ASAP.
Thanks very much, 
Paul Suhler
ADI-2 Project Leader
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