Call for ADT-2 and ADC-3 Editors

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Wed Oct 17 13:32:27 PDT 2007

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I regret to announce that Paul Entzel is leaving Quantum today.  For many
years Paul has been a mainstay of T10 and has made significant contributions
to a number of standards, especially ADT, ADC-2, and ADT-2, which he edited,
and SSC-x.  He wrote the original versions of the Tape Data Encryption
security protocol and of the ADT transport layer.  I'm sure that everyone
will join me in wishing him success in his new position.
Unfortunately, we must now find editors for ADT-2 (which is accepting final
technical proposals in November) and ADC-3 (which has already had one
proposal approved).  If the advancement of these standards is important to
your company and you are able to invest the time, then please let me know as
soon as possible.  The selection of editor will be subject to approval by
the ADI Working Group.
Thank you very much,
Paul Suhler
Quantum Corporation
ADI Project Leader
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