SONY XDCAM optical drive (?)

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Could you send along the 36 Inquiry command data bytes so that it's
clear re: this device's PDT, Product ID, etc.?	Also, does the device
possibly have the capability of multiple personalities, e.g., both HDD
and optical, which could be hard- and/or soft-switchable?
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> Hi,
> I came accross the SONY XDCAM which is supposed to be a BD drive but I
> have troubles supporting it correctly.
> Reasons are, it does not say it's an optical drive (Inquiry) and once
> worked around that it does not return 'expected' data on normal commands
> sent to optical drives (e.g. Read Disc Info, Mode Sense etc.) (e.g. Read
> Disc Information says the disc is blank while it is not).
> Does anybody know more about this ?
> Is this not supposed to be a 'normal' optical drive ?  Is it a special
> drive supporting only a subset of commands ? Or is it maybe the driver
> that masks things ?
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> Peter
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