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Hi All,
I need a clarification regarding K28.6 control character. According to SAS
(2r10) it will indicate a SATA_ERROR if used in SATA link and has no meaning
in SAS:
Table 75 - Control character usage
First character  Usage in SAS physical links  Usage in SATA physical links
of a dword
K28.3		 Primitives used only inside  All primitives except ALIGN
		 STP connections 
K28.5		 ALIGN and most primitives    ALIGN
		 defined in this standard
K28.6		 Not used		      SATA_ERROR
The corresponding  part of the ATA-8 AST does not define K28.6 as a valid
control character:
Table 21 - Valid control characters
Name	     Description
K28.3	     Occurs only at byte 0 of all primitives except for 
	     the ALIGN primitive
K28.5	     Occurs only at byte 0 of the ALIGN primitive
Is K28.6 a valid control character for SATA and which part of the ATA
standard describes its usage?
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