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Wed Oct 3 09:09:36 PDT 2007

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Dear friends,
After ten years working as a software developer in optical storage, I
have decided to change career paths.  It has been an outstanding ten
years, and I relish the fact that I was able to work with some of the
smartest minds in many areas of the industry: optics experts, media
specialists, firmware engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers,
and of course the business folks.
I will continue to work at Microsoft, with the goal of becoming a patent
agent (and later, a patent lawyer).  I have been looking for the
particular job opening for approximately 18 months, and jumped at the
chance when it appeared.  It was nevertheless a difficult decision, as I
greatly enjoyed working with and interacting with each of you, and
valued the friendships which have grown from our mutual interests.
As you know, I have already been increasing my reliance on my teammates
for Fuji/MMC issues.  For those who have not already met these folks,
please allow me to introduce David Burg (daviburg at and
David Walp (David.Walp at	David Burg is the Lead who is
managing the CDROM.SYS and IMAPIv2 development here in the Windows
division.  He is technically astute, and has been kept up-to-date on the
various goings on over the last few months.  David Walp is the Program
Manager, whom many of you may already know from the MMC and Mt. Fuji
meetings.  I have full confidence in their ability to engage in
discussions and fill the role I had previously taken.
Thank you again for the honor and responsibility of taking part in these
standards bodies, and all you have taught me. J
Henry Gabryjelski
Senior Software Development Engineer
US - Windows Device Experience
Microsoft Corporation

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