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The whole issue is this: the underlying clock source has phase 
modulation on it; this phase modulation has frequency components all the 
way from 100's of MHz down to 1Hz. The phase modulation comes from a 
number of different sources. Some rationale needs to be employed to 
separate out limits for the phase modulation at different frequencies.
The high frequencies are jitter and that is covered already. Below 
f/1667, the phase modulation is partially tracked so something else is 
needed. Below the SSC modulation frequency of 30kHz, then something yet 
different is needed. It is clear by looking at measured SSC profiles 
there are phase modulation frequency components below 30kHz.
The long term frequency accuracy of a clock source is a number, not a 
function or a spectrum. Long term frequency is measured with a frequency 
counter and it is assumed the accuracy improves as the gating period is 
increased, providing more and more filtering out of the low frequency 
phase noise of the source.
Jenkins, Mike wrote:
> Phy folks,
> I have a question regarding the SSC profile to which I cannot find an 
> answer in the draft spec. (As usual, my apologies if I’ve overlooked 
> something.) The question is how the profile is measured in practice.
> Measuring clock waveform periods will result in significant noise 
> superimposed on the longer term frequency. For example, 0.01UI 
> instantaneous jitter in one clock cycle is a 10 000 ppm frequency 
> error. Obviously such data must be filtered, but what is the filter? 
> An obvious candidate is the low pass filter defined by 1-JTF, but this 
> should probably be defined.
> For what it’s worth, I do not believe there is even a defined 
> measurement procedure to verify the +/-100 ppm “long-term” frequency 
> tolerance.
> Thanks for any pointers or opinions on this question.
> Regards,
> Mike
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