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I have a historical question regarding CD/DVD support for Mode Page 18h.
Since this is such an old topic, a private e-mail reply from those in the
know would be appreciated.
Mode Page 18h is defined in SPC as the "Protocol Specific LUN" page.  MMC
and Mt. Fuji for many years have defined this page as reserved and it
generally is not used by optical drives.
However, there are still some relatively new drives that do return Mode Page
18h.  They are not returning a Protocol Specific LUN page.  They are instead
returning the very old "Feature Set Support & Version Page."
Information on this mode page is hard to come by.  Here is what I have
found.	This page was defined in an early MMC-2 draft specification but was
dropped before MMC-2 was released.  It was also documented in Revision 0.99
of the Mt. Fuji 1 specification (defined in 1997).  Unfortunately I do not
have the 1.0 release of the Mt. Fuji1  specification, nor is it available on
the Mt. Fuji FTP site, so I do not know if it ever made it into the official
My question is this.  Was this mode page ever officially defined in a
released specification or was it proposed in  a draft specification and then
I need to know this so I can gauge the severity of a drive supporting this
page.  If it was never officially defined, then I will consider this a
firmware bug.  If it was once officially defined, then it is simply an
obsolete mode page.
Here is a screenshot of this specific mode page (assuming the reflector does
not strip the graphic image):
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