issues in ST_TTS1:Target_Start state(sas2r13.pdf)

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Hi everybody,
I have some doubts in the ST_TTS1:Target_start state.
PLease refer to the Second line of section below)
  Upon entry into this state, this state shall:
  a) set the Read Data Offset state machine variable to the Application
Client	Buffer Offset Data-In state machine argument;
Now, ST_TTS state machine starts in the ST_TTS1 after power on. At this time
ST_TTS has not received any Application Client Buffer Offset Data-In state
machine argument. The same situation holds true when state is entered just
after processing the previously receivbed request. 
What will be the value of this state machine variable in the above two
conditions? Will the values be undefined or shall it be set to any vendor
specific values?
Moreover, the state machine transitions to next states when it receives the
Request from ST_TFR state machine. Here it does not sets the ST_TTS state
machine variables mentioned in section 
As per my understading, the state machine variables should be set to the
latest values that are received with the request as these state machine
variables are used by other states of ST_TTS state machine while processing
the ST_TFR state machine Request.
Same issue holds for the State machine variables refered in bullet
(a),(b),(c),(d),(e)&(f) of section
Please correct me if my understanding is not correct or if I have missed
Thanks & Best Regards
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