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Hello Katata-san,
I would like to request a clarification for Table 641, page 768.  Below this
table, the following text appears:
"Note: This DISC STRUCTURE is generated by the logical unit rather than read
|from the medium."
MMC also states that the Disc Structure is generated by the Drive and not
read from the medium.  However, MMC adds the following statement:
"... Consequently, this structure shall be returned regardless of media
Both specifications state that the drive does not require the medium to
process the "Disc Structure List" request.  However, in reality, I find that
most (perhaps all) drives return a "Medium not present" check condition when
issued such a CDB with no medium in the drive.
So the clarification I would like to see in Mt. Fuji (and MMC) is whether or
not the Disc Structure List (FFh) should be returned if there is no medium
in the drive.
I personally think that the ability to enumerate the disc structures
supported by the drive, without the medium being required, is preferred.
However, in reality, it seems that most or all drive vendors require the
media to be present to support the CDB.  Is there a technical reason why the
drive requires the medium for the Structure List request?
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