Question about SAS address of Wide Port

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The port should maintain the same SAS address no matter how many phys are o=
perational.  The only way to change the SAS address is to rerun the link re=
set sequence (which transmits a new IDENTIFY address frame).  Changing the =
address would cause any outstanding queued commands from the previous SAS a=
ddress to be lost (I_T nexus loss will occur), invalidate any persistent re=
servation and access control settings (since they're based on the old SAS a=
ddress), etc.
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Hi Experts,
I am not sure this is the appropriate mail alias to send my question about =
If it's not. Sorry about my forwardness.
I didn't get solid understanding about SAS address of a wide port.
When single or multiple PHYs of a wide port get hardware error, should the =
SAS address of the wide port still keep consistent with the previous one wh=
ich is the address when all PHYs were available?
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