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Hello all,
In the May meeting, Mine san (Sony-NEC Optiarc) commented that RW-DL Part 1
have some editorial mistakes.
In the case of R-DL, the MSB of following 3 fields are Layer Indicator.
 -Start sector number of RZone #n
 -End sector number of RZone #n
 -Last recorded address of RZone #n
In the case of RW-DL, only "Last recorded address of RZone" field has the
Indicator description. The "Start sector number of RZone" field and "End
number of RZone" field do not have the description.
R-DL and RW-DL shall be consistent. So this should be editorial mistake.
I think this comment of Mine san is correct. So I would like to report this
editorial mistake to DVD Forum WG6 chair as a chair of Fuji group.
Could you send your opinion if you have objection for my this action by May
If I do not receive objection, I will report this error to WG6 at June 1.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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