06-026r1 SAM-4 TASK ABORTED status clarifications

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Mon May 21 14:11:23 PDT 2007

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In your overview of 06-026r1 you state:
It is not clear whether TASK ABORTED status is sent when tasks are
task management function.
>From SAM-4:
6.3.3 Logical Unit Reset
When responding to a logical unit reset condition, the logical unit
   a) Abort all tasks as described in 5.6
>From section 5.6.3 "If the TAS bit is set to one, the method of
notification shall be the termination of each aborted task with a TASK
ABORTED status."
What is not clear about that?  The two documents that proposed and added
the TAS bit (99-311R1 & 00-229R3) clearly intended for LOGICAL UNIT
RESET to send the TASK ABORTED status if TAS=1.
The TAS bit has proved invaluable in getting certain initiators to work
well in multi-initiator environments.  If there are certain targets that
prefer not to "dole out TASK ABORTED statuses for each queued command"
then these targets have the option of not supporting TAS=1.
This clarification is a wholesale re-definition and is not warranted,
it works fine just the way it is.  I am not sure what additional words
would make it even clearer that LOGICAL UNIT RESET should send TASK
ABORTED status, but I am willing to help you come up with those if
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