IEEE P1619 Sponsor Ballot Invitation now open until June 15, 2007

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Hi Everyone,
The IEEE P1619 Sponsor Ballot Invitation is now open for 30-days.  If you
are interested in joining the Sponsor Ballot for this draft standard, please
follow the instructions at the end of this e-mail.
This draft standard specifies the XTS-AES encryption algorithm, which is
suitable for storage devices with fixed-size blocks, such as hard disks.
Matt Ball
Chair, IEEE Security in Storage Work Group (SISWG)
IMPORTANT! To participate, you must have access to myProject through an IEEE
Web Account.
If you would like to participate in IEEE Standards Sponsor Ballot
Title: Standard for Cryptographic Protection of Data on Block-Oriented
Storage Devices
you must enroll as a member of the ballot group by 15-Jun-2007, 11:59 p.m.
Eastern Time.
The IEEE Computer Society Society/Standard for Cryptographic Protection of
Data on Block-Oriented Storage Devices invites you to participate in the New
Sponsor Ballot for:
Title: Standard for Cryptographic Protection of Data on Block-Oriented
Storage Devices
Scope: This standard specifies elements of an architecture for cryptographic
protection of data on block-oriented storage devices, describing the
methods, algorithms, and modes of data protection to be used.
Purpose: This standard defines specific elements of an architecture for
cryptographically protecting data stored in constant length blocks.
Specification of such a mechanism provides an additional and improved tool
for implementation of secure and interoperable protection of data residing
in storage.
    Protecting stored information for individuals, corporations, and
governments has become more challenging than ever. Today's mobile devices
(for example, laptops and USB drives) and networked datacenter environments
require increased protections. Factors that have led to greater exposure of
both storage media and stored information include
	* the widespread use of portable personal storage;
	* the vulnerability of these devices to loss, theft, or capture; and
	* third-party management of corporate storage;
    In response to these issues, we have seen the emergence of compliance
requirements in the form of
	* regulatory (HIPAA, GLBA, CA SB1386/AB1950);
	* legal (privacy); and
	* industry specific mandates (PCI DSS).
    To make activities that rely on storage technology viable, industry and
government leaders must develop a comprehensive systems approach to storage
security. One aspect is the development of standards. The IEEE P1619 task
group is developing a standard with strong industry support from the
following membership: Brocade, Cisco, Decru, Hifn, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard,
IBM, Lexar Media, LSI Logic, NeoScale, PGP Corp., PMC Sierra, Quantum Corp.,
RSA Security, Seagate, Stanford University, and Sun Microsystems.
Go directly to:
Or, follow this process:
1. Log onto myProject; click the link for myBallot.
2. Click the link for myBallot Control Panel (if applicable); click the link
for "Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations":
3.  Scroll down until you find the open ballot group of interest to you;
then scroll over to the right margin and click "join" under the "Actions"
4.  Select a classification category and click "OK" at the bottom of the
screen.  You will receive an on-screen confirmation that you successfully
joined the group.
If you are not an IEEE SA Member, you can either enroll in a single ballot
by paying a per-ballot fee or you can join the IEEE SA by choosing an option
link below.  Joining the IEEE SA entitles you to participate in as many
sponsor ballots as you like for the year.
OPTION 1 - I am already an IEEE Member and I want to add Standards
Association Membership. Go to:
OPTION 2 - I am not an IEEE Member but would like to enroll in both IEEE and
IEEE Standards Association. Go to:
OPTION 3 - I am not interested in becoming an IEEE Member, however I would
like to enroll as a Standards Association Member only. Go to:
Balloting group members are selected to vote on the acceptability of a new
or revised standard, or on the reaffirmation of a published standard
submitted by the Sponsor; based on interest in and commitment to reviewing
and voting on a specific existing or proposed standard.
Once the document is ready to be balloted, you will receive notification via
email.	You will typically have 30 days to review the document and return
the ballot with your vote.  By agreeing to participate in this ballot you
have an *obligation* to respond.  Failure to return a completed ballot may
disqualify you from participating in future ballots.
Matt Ball
Quantum Corporation
4001 Discovery Drive, Suite 1100
Boulder, CO 80303
Work: 720-406-5766
Cell: 303-717-2717

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