MMC/MtFuji: Clarification of media eject request event, external request events.

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Wed May 16 15:08:45 PDT 2007

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Some of us connected offline to discuss.
The frustrations of aside ...
I join David in suspecting that devices today actually only tell the
host of eject requested while tray locked.
As a practical matter, many do not tell the host of eject button pressed
or of eject button released ever. And many do not tell the host of
anything to do with the eject button while tray unlocked.
Would be goodness to have our specs become clear on such issues.
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Subject: MMC/MtFuji: Clarification of media eject request event,
external request events.
I would like to discussion two clarifications of the events in
MMC/MtFuji specifications. The following issues were found will
prototyping logo test cases for device compliance validation.
1)	The current description of the media eject request event is:
"The Drive has received a request from the user (usually through a
mechanical switch on the Drive) to eject the specified slot or media."
I suspect that additionally this event is generated only if the tray is
locked. That is, if the tray is not locked and the user press the eject
button, the tray will be open but no media eject event will be generated
by the device. Correct? If so, the description should be clarified to
explicitly state that the event is generated only if the tray is locked
with the prevent/allow medium removal.
2)	External request events drive key down and drive key up have
currently the following description:
"A front, back, or remote button has been depressed / released"
This sounds like two external request events will be generate each time
the user press and release the front eject/load button of the device.
However in experimentation, no such event was generated by devices we
exercised. Is it correct that no  external request event is generated
for the load/eject button of the device? If so, we should clarify the
description of the external request events.
Or maybe this is related to the playback control button from legacy
CD-audio devices? Then	we should make the events legacy as well.
Best regards,
David Burg.

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