Mt Fuji and MMC, May 2007

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HI all,
I believe the t10 website schedule is out-of-date and that we agreed in
the last meeting to just hold meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Although initially there were legal reasons to hold the CSS recording
meeting as a separate meeting, the legal issues have been resolved.  Net
effect is the CSS recording topic will be covered during the regular
meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Are my above assumptions correct?
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Dear Members,
I wish to grant all of the MMC meeting time to Mt Fuji, since no new 
events are planned for MMC this month.	I would like a MtFuji  agenda 
item for updates to security issues with respect to both TCG and the CAP
Security WG.  15 to 30 minutes will be sufficient.
I will not arrive to today's meeting until about 14:30, so I hope other 
arrangements can be made about a video projector until that time.
Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin
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