Reminder: SAS PHY WG conference call, 3/29/07, 10:00 am CDT

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Topic: SAS-2 PHY WG 
Date: Thursday
Time: 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago) 
Meeting number: 826 515 680 
Meeting password: 6gbpsSAS
We will continue our discussion on the number of taps for the reference 
receiver. The minutes of the 3/22 call are posted at the link below and 
contain several links to various data sets regarding transmitter 
equalization and DFE performance. Please be prepared on the 3/29 call for 
a strawman vote on the number of taps we should specify for the reference 
receiver model. 07-063r3 has been posted.
I would like to look at the jitter numbers for both transmitter and 
receiver. Although we are still waiting on the measurement methodology 
information from ST Microelectronics, it is in process. The actual numbers 
can be determined while we wait for the presentation regarding the 
testing. My input is that we test the transmitter with one or two 
patterns. The receiver testing may include something different.
Another possible item is 07-119. I don't know that Rob has had enough time 
available to update this proposal. 
Please send me any discussion items you may have. I will ask for these at 
the first of the call, but sending them to me or the reflector prior to it 
is appreciated.
Alvin Cox
Seagate Technology, LLC
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