SAS 2 - bit ordering for SNW-3 settings

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Wed Mar 21 13:38:43 PDT 2007

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Any opinions to the contrary?
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Subject: RE: bit ordering for SNW-3 settings
Good question.
Based on the bit layout proposed in 07-091 for the SMP functions, I
think bit 4 should be the MSB and bit 7 should be the LSB.  That way, in
the SMP functions, it will have its natural encoding.
I suggest you post this Q&A to the T10 reflector to make sure nobody
else has assumed the opposite.
Rob Elliott, elliott at 
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	From: Day, Brian [mailto:Brian.Day at] 
	Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:55 AM
	To: Elliott, Robert (Server Storage)
	Subject: bit ordering for SNW-3 settings
	Can you clarify for me the bit ordering for the REQUESTED
LOGICAL LINK RATE in the SNW-3 settings? 
	The example uses "9", which is the same bit flipped or not. 
	Would be great to get a 1.5 example added to spec too since that
would show correct bit positions. 
	Brian Day 
	LSI Logic 
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