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SSC-3 WG Attendee's.  Here is a friendly reminder of Action Items that are 
found in the May SSC-3 Minutes
[Dave Peterson] Bring in a White Paper on the value added with Explicit 
Command Set.
[Michael Banther] Bring in proposal to improve handling of cleaning and 
firmware upgrade cartridges.
[Kevin Butt] add cleaning bits from 05-213 to his proposal and find log 
page for them.
[Roger Cummings] produce a proposal to describe the events that shall 
activate and deactivate the cleaning related tape alert flags and to add a 
second flag for predictive failure of the medium.
[Micheal Banther] Create a proposal to add additional activation 
conditions to TapeAlert. See note in 05-154r3 to bring in new proposal for 
this additional info.
[Kevin Butt] revise and post TapeAlert Delineation (06-138r3)
[Michael Banther] accepted an action to update 06-420r0 to match the 
device severity code definition table from 06-138r4.
[Dave Peterson] to add Additional controls for keyless copy (07-016r2) 
into SSC-3
[Kevin Butt] Revise and post Configurable EW (05-423r3)
[Matt Ball] Revise and post Using NIST AES Key-Wrap for Key Establishment 
[Dave Peterson] Incorporate Using NIST AES Key-Wrap for Key Establishment 
[Kevin Butt] Revise and post Keyless Copy of Encrypted Data (06-462r7) as 
[Dave Peterson] Incorporate Keyless Copy of Encrypted Data (06-462r8) into 
[Paul Entzel] Revise and post Fix conflict between 06-412r3 and 07-016r2 
[Dave Peterson] Incorporate Fix conflict between 06-412r3 and 07-016r2 
(07-204r1) into SSC-3
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