SMC-3: Action Items List from May 2007

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SMC-3 Attendee's, Here is the list of Action Items from the May 2007 SMC-3 
06-002	[Michael Banther] Reporting of virtual libraries / partitioning to 
06-020	[Robert Payne] Define a philosophy for Write Exclusive Persistent 
Reservations in SMC.
06-044	[Roger Cummings] Solicit additional vendor-specific sense codes 
|from library vendors per June discussion item 4.4.
06-063	[Halvard Eriksen] Investigate use of LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, 
07-003	[HP] Create a proposal to define the usage of the ?Cleaning 
Requested? and ?Cleaning Failure? error codes.
07-004	[Kevin Butt] Create a proposal for the ?Medium Magazine? error 
07-006	[Rod Wideman] Define a new ASC/ASCQ for ?Logical Unit Not Ready ? 
Robotics Disabled?.
07-012	[Michael Banther] Create and post 06-420r1 (r0 revised as per 
discussion at the Feb­ruary 21, 2007 conference call).
07-016	[Kevin Marks] Revise and post SMC-3: Diagnostics Data log page, 
06-395r4 (06-395r3 as revised).
07-017	[Group] Make sure the all the functionality of Read Element Status 
is covered by the Report Element Information command (06-272) and the 
Report Volume Infor­mation command and examine if an informative annex to 
map the RES command onto these is appropriate. [Reminder to do as final 
07-027	[Rod Wideman] Revise and post SMC-3 New Additional Sense Codes 
Usage (07-018r0) as 07-018r1.
07-028	[Curtis Ballard] Revise and post SMC-3 Clarification of reporting 
drive prevented media removal (07-015r1)
07-029	[Noud Snelder] Revise and post SMC-3 Processed commands during not 
ready state (07-060r1)
07-030	[Roger Cummings] Revise and post SMC-3: Clarifying Addresses and 
Volumes (07-122r0)
07-031	[Noud Snelder] Incorporate SMC-3: Clarifying Addresses and Volumes 
(07-122r1) into SMC-3
07-032	[Noud Snelder] Revise and post SMC-3 Add PREVENT ALLOW MEDIA 
RE­MOVAL command (06-442r3)
07-033	[Noud Snelder] Incorporate SMC-3 Add PREVENT ALLOW MEDIA REMOVAL 
command (06-442r4) into SMC-3.
07-034	[Kevin Marks] Revise and post SMC-3: Diagnostics Data log page 
07-035	[Rod Wideman] Have Michael check the procedure for what to do 
regarding 99-148r7 which was approved in the May 2000 plenary but did not 
get put into SMC-2. Does it need to be incorporate it into SMC-3?
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