Informative vs. Normative, defined

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Just to tighten the understanding and give a somewhat better link to IEEE...
Look at the IEEE Style Manual
SCC38 isn't an authority for IEEE
While it is mandatory to comply with a normative annex, it is not
mandatory that you have one or any.
And while informative material is not part of the standard, if there
is any in the balloted standard, then with IEEE it must be submitted
for approval as balloted with the informative material included and
unchanged. So there is a mandatory aspect to informative material.
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> Sure, a lot of the English dictionaries are copy-protected in ways that
> make them significantly less accessible and shareable - thus less useful
> - than googling
> I mentioned this Sam omission more because dictionaries are fuzzy
> references that lack the cultural context of storage standards
> development, that's all. The word 'informative' in particular has many
> many definitions, the word 'normative' googles better.
> After I failed to find an answer at, I closed at I
> trust the definitions I find there match our thinking here likewise:
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> """IEEE definition of normative and informative"""
> """There are two types of annexes: normative and informative."""
> """Normative annexes are mandatory. They're considered to be a part of
> the standard, just like any other text in the
> body of the standard. That is, what's in a normative annex has to be
> followed if you're claiming compliance with that standard."""
> """Informative annexes are just that: they give you information. The key
> thing is that they are not considered to be part of the official
> standard. They are there as a service, for information only, but they
> don't carry any mandate for the user of that standard."""
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