Full blank stop for HD DVD-RW

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My input if I may.
>From a data recovery standpoint this is not a bad thing.
A user may hit the blank button and then come to the conclusion that it's 
the wrong disc.  Being able to interrupt blanking and then having a disc in 
a state where recovery is still possible is actually a blessing.
Is an impartial file-system such a problem for a host ?
Best Regards,
Peter Van Hove, CEO Smart Projects
CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD Data recovery
Peter at Smart-Projects.net
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Subject: Full blank stop for HD DVD-RW
> Dear Members,
> We would like to hear your opinion about HD DVD-RW command set. We worry 
> about
> the stop operation of "Full blank".
> "Full blank" operation is described in Mt.Fuji Rev 0.9 "5.15.7 Blanking".
> "Full blank" operation is executed by BLANK command with Blanking Type = 
> 000b.
> The logical unit executes "Full blank" according to the following 
> procedure.
> 1. (Over)Write physically recorded portions or all sectors with 00h data.
> 2. Write RMD as Empty state.
> During "1" process, the host can stop "Full blank" by CLOSE TRACK/SESSION 
> command.
> When the host stops "Full blank" operation by the command, the disc state 
> and the
> addressable area are same as just before "Full blank" command is issued.
> At this time some parts of the addressable area are overwritten with 00h 
> data.
> We worry about the disc may cause some problems. For example, if file 
> system data
> remains and some user data are overwritten with 00h data, a host may not 
> be
> aware of the 00h data.
> This matter was confirmed in the previous meeting, but please reconfirm.
> Best Regards,
> Shunsuke Kimura,
> Toshiba
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