Full blank stop for HD DVD-RW

Shunsuke Kimura shunsuke.kimura at toshiba.co.jp
Fri Jul 27 07:02:20 PDT 2007

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Dear Members,
We would like to hear your opinion about HD DVD-RW command set. We worry
the stop operation of "Full blank".
"Full blank" operation is described in Mt.Fuji Rev 0.9 "5.15.7 Blanking".
"Full blank" operation is executed by BLANK command with Blanking Type =
The logical unit executes "Full blank" according to the following procedure.
1. (Over)Write physically recorded portions or all sectors with 00h data.
2. Write RMD as Empty state.
During "1" process, the host can stop "Full blank" by CLOSE TRACK/SESSION
When the host stops "Full blank" operation by the command, the disc state and
addressable area are same as just before "Full blank" command is issued. 
At this time some parts of the addressable area are overwritten with 00h
We worry about the disc may cause some problems. For example, if file system
remains and some user data are overwritten with 00h data, a host may not be 
aware of the 00h data.
This matter was confirmed in the previous meeting, but please reconfirm.
Best Regards,
Shunsuke Kimura,
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