[T11.3] FYI: Invitation to Ballot, P1619.1

Robert Snively rsnively at Brocade.COM
Wed Jul 25 09:55:16 PDT 2007

I have been requested to forward the attached invitation to 
become part of the sponsor ballot body on IEEE 1619.1.
Details are enclosed.  Membership requirements and methods for
becoming a member are outlined in the invitation.
Bob Snively
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Cc: "C/IA/SIS-WG Chair" <matt.ball at ieee.org>, "C/IA/SIS-WG Chair"
<matt.ball at quantum.com>, "C/IA Chair" <jack.cole at ieee.org>, "C Project
Staff Liaison" <m.kipness at ieee.org>
Subject: Invitation to Ballot, P1619.1
You have indicated an interest in balloting IEEE Standards documents.
IMPORTANT! To participate, you must have access to myProject through an
IEEE Web Account.
If you would like to participate in IEEE Standards Sponsor Ballot
Title: Standard for Authenticated Encryption with Length Expansion for
Storage Devices
you must enroll as a member of the ballot group by 12-Aug-2007, 11:59
p.m. Eastern Time.
The IEEE Computer Society Society/Standard for Authenticated Encryption
with Length Expansion for Storage Devices invites you to participate in
the New Sponsor Ballot for:
Title: Standard for Authenticated Encryption with Length Expansion for
Storage Devices
Scope: This standard specifies requirements for cryptographic units that
provide encryption and authentication for data contained within storage
media. Full interchange requires additional specifications (such as
compression algorithms and physical data format) that are beyond the
scope of this standard.
Purpose: This standard is suitable for encryption of data stored on tape
because tape easily accommodates length-expanding ciphertext. In
addition, this standard applies to other storage devices if these
support storing extra metadata with each encrypted record. The
algorithms of this standard are designed to ensure the confidentiality
and integrity of stored data within systems requiring a high level of
With new privacy legislation, the need for encryption has reached a
critical level in the data storage industry.  To meet this need, the
IEEE Security in Storage Working Group has created the P1619.1 draft
standard to define several authenticated encryption modes of the AES-256
block cipher: CCM, GCM, CBC-HMAC, and XTS-HMAC.  These encryption modes
use a cryptographic integrity check to detect malicious tampering,
making them suitable for situations where the storage media leave
physically secure areas.  Tape cartridges are an important example of
such storage media.
The P1619.1 Task Group membership has a strong core of leaders from the
industry, including Brocade, CipherMax, Cisco, Decru, Emulex, Hifn,
Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, Lexar Media, LSI Logic, Microsoft,
NeoScale Systems, Optica Technologies, PGP Corp., PMC Sierra, Quantum
Corp., RSA Security (EMC), Seagate Technology, Stanford University, and
Sun Microsystems.
Go directly to:
Or, follow this process:
1. Log onto myProject; click the link for myBallot. 
2. Click the link for myBallot Control Panel (if applicable); click the
link for "Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations":
3.  Scroll down until you find the open ballot group of interest to you;
then scroll over to the right margin and click "join" under the
"Actions" column.
4.  Select a classification category and click "OK" at the bottom of the
screen.  You will receive an on-screen confirmation that you
successfully joined the group.
If you are not an IEEE SA Member, you can either enroll in a single
ballot by paying a per-ballot fee or you can join the IEEE SA by
choosing an option link below.	Joining the IEEE SA entitles you to
participate in as many sponsor ballots as you like for the year.
OPTION 1 - I am already an IEEE Member and I want to add Standards
Association Membership. Go to:
OPTION 2 - I am not an IEEE Member but would like to enroll in both IEEE
and IEEE Standards Association. Go to:
OPTION 3 - I am not interested in becoming an IEEE Member, however I
would like to enroll as a Standards Association Member only. Go to:
Balloting group members are selected to vote on the acceptability of a
new or revised standard, or on the reaffirmation of a published standard
submitted by the Sponsor; based on interest in and commitment to
reviewing and voting on a specific existing or proposed standard.
Once the document is ready to be balloted, you will receive notification
via email.  You will typically have 30 days to review the document and
return the ballot with your vote.  By agreeing to participate in this
ballot you have an *obligation* to respond.  Failure to return a
completed ballot may disqualify you from participating in future
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