SAS 2 - scrambler operation

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Thu Jul 19 13:42:52 PDT 2007

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Your proposal makes me unhappy for one reason:	it is conceivable that
somebody's receiver design will depend on receiving a certain bit pattern
in order to train itself.  Therefore, I think it's important to have all 
the transmitters
out there doing the same thing.
Andy Roy
PS: Just my own opinion, not an official position of LeCroy.
Thank you for your reply. 
I agree that it is important to keep with the rest of the standard. 
Section 7.4 defines the idle dwords that are sent when a link is idle. 
“Idle dwords are vendor-specific data dwords which are scrambled (see 
It would seem to me that a precedents has been set for allowing 
“vendor-specific” implementation of the “scrambled training data”
between the train primitives.
if this is agreeable with the parties concerned I would be willing to 
draft a proposal. 
David Freeman
Finisar Corp

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