September 2007 Plenary IEEE Issue

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At the last T10 Plenary (80), some questions arose regarding IEEE meeting
procedures. Below, please find the response to those question from the IEEE
P1619 SISWG Chair.
To: INCITS/T10 Technical Committee
From: Matt Ball, IEEE P1619 SISWG Chair
Subject: IEEE P1619 Requirements for Meeting Notice
Dear T10 Technical Committee,
The IEEE P1619 Security in Storage Working Group (SISWG) recently received an
inquiry from the INCITS T10 technical committee concerning P1619 requirements
for advance notice of a meeting. This query is in direct response to a
teleconference meeting held on Wednesday, July 11th, 2007, which was
scheduled two days in advance. 
The IEEE does not impose global requirements for notice before meetings, but
instead allows each working group to create Operating Procedures that specify
meeting requirements. You can find the P1619 Operating Procedures at this
link: <;.
According to these Operating Procedures, face-to-face meetings shall be
scheduled with at least 30-days notice, and teleconference meetings shall
have at least 5 days notice (see Clause 5.0).
Matt Ball, IEEE P1619 SISWG Chair
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