Uploaded: 07-354r0 -- SA September CAP Decision Matrix

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Wed Jul 18 12:30:33 PDT 2007

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
Last week the CAP WG agreed to decide on SA security algorithm
strengths during the September meeting week and I promised to
produce a table showing the choices at hand.
As luck would have it, I failed to take definitive notes on
the choice between AES-CBC and AES-GCM. So, I have uploaded
a document that reflects what I think was the group's suggested
September table wording.
Please post any notes you have regarding errors in the document
(except statements about which column to expunge) to this
reflector and I will revise it as I see fit.
Why postpone a good food fight, when you can make a mess of
John's reflector instead!?!?
All the best,
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