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TrustedFlash is a trademark of SanDisk.  See
You may be thinking of the Trusted Computing Group.  See
IEEE 1667 is working in this arena.  A WinHEC 2006 ppt is at
More about IEEE 1667, "Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host
Attachments of Transient Storage Devices," is at
I am chairing 2 sessions related to flash memory security at the Flash Memory
next month in Santa Clara, CA:
The first of these two sessions (Workshop A1) is free with advance
registration, and includes
James Borden of Microsoft speaking on IEEE 1667, as well as Curtis Stevens of
Western Digital
speaking on "Password Locking Standards for Flash Media."  The latter will
include aspects of
T10 and T13 re: security for media including flash-based media.
The second of these two (Session 205) is open to paid conference attendees.
The 3-day event on Aug. 7-9 has many free aspects to it, including keynote
speeches, workshops,
exhibit floor (with food), etc.  The paid conference includes some excellent
tutorials and
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> I have not been able to locate a website or any public information on
> the so called "TrustedFlash Forum".  Is this a proprietary technology?
> Regards,
> David Geddes
> Marvell Semiconductor
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