Issues with SAS-2 r10 Annex B

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Fri Jul 6 11:44:57 PDT 2007

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I have found 3 areas that need to be corrected and will include these in 
07-063. Please let me know of any other Annex B issues that have not 
already been included in 07-063.
B.1 Signal performance measurements overview
Delete Note 106.
B.2.3 Definition of receiver sensitivity and receiver device sensitivity
This section has a problem with a list of items starting with h, then 
going back to a, It also includes a description for receiver tolerance 
that does not address the closed eye capability of SAS-2 devices.
B.9.3 Use of single-ended instrumentation in differential applications
The following statement needs to be deleted for SAS-2:
All the measurements specified in this standard relate to differential 
signal pairs, and all specified
S-parameters are of the SDDij form.
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