SSC-3: Protecting a Partially Encrypted Volume

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Fri Jul 6 08:55:27 PDT 2007

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I have uploaded a proposal to protect partially encrypted volumes.  This 
addresses a concern about how tapes encrypted by an encryption aware 
application or system can be protected when the tape is moved to a 
different drive and an append attempted.  Most customers are wanting 
guarantees that once a volume has had encrypted data placed on it that all 
subsequent data is also encrypted.  There may also be some installations 
that desire the ability to have mixed encrypted and clear text.  This 
calls for care in how we meet both these requirements.
This proposal has not met the two-week rule, but if possible I would like 
to be able to get some feedback so I can make changes and have a good 
chance of getting it approved in Sept.
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