Reminder: SAS PHY working group call 7/5 10:00 am CDT

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Next call July 5. 
Toll Free Dial in Number: (877)810-9442 
International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (636)651-3190 
Webex information: 
Topic: SAS-2 PHY WG 
Date: Thursday 
Time: 10:00 am, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago) 
Meeting number: 826 515 680 
Meeting password: 6gbpsSAS 
1.  07-304r0 SAS-2 Zero-Length Test Load Section [Olawsky]
Comments from review of Annex B?
2.  06-499r3 SAS-2 10 Meter Cable Specification Issues [Olawsky]
• How does intra-pair amplitude mismatch reduce receiver margins?
• Will the termination method be an issue?
• Does common mode signal levels of (~20%) create a new problem for the 
3.  07-297r0 SAS-2 CJTPAT usage [Elliott]
Result of our discussion last week on JTPAT and CJTPAT. Please review for 
7/10 discussion.
4.  07-294r0 SAS 2.0r10 [Neer]
This posting is not the intended name or content. The purpose is to make 
the pull tab mandatory on the mini SAS 4x plug connector rather than 
having it optional. PHY chairman's comment: This is a highly controversial 
issue and should probably be addressed by STA rather than the PHY working 
5.  Update on Mahbubal Bari's test data presentation.
6. New items
7. Interim meeting information
An interim SAS-2 PHY working group face-to-face meeting is planned for 
August 15-16 in Lisle, IL. The meeting will be all day on 8/15 and the 
morning of 8/16. The meeting will be held at the Molex facility and area 
hotel information will posted soon. Waiting on area hotel information from 
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