CLEAR TASK SET task management function

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Wed Feb 28 07:53:55 PST 2007

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Rob Elliott wrote:
> Does any SCSI software other than test software actually use the CLEAR TASK
> SET task management function? CLEAR TASK SET clears tasks from all I_T
> nexuses.
> If so, would that software be happy to use one of these instead?
> a) ABORT TASK SET - just clear tasks from the same I_T nexus; or
> b) LOGICAL UNIT RESET - clear tasks from all I_T nexuses and wipe out other
> state information
Poking around in Linux, I can see various low level
(i.e. hardware specific) drivers that have hooks for
a CLEAR TASK SET tmf call.
However there doesn't seem to be any use of that tmf
by higher level kernel drivers. That leaves low level
pass-throughs. I can see the lsiutil program for MPT
Fusion hardware allows that tmf to be issued.
Doug Gilbert
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