CSS on R SWG announcement, call for SWG chair and draft minutes posted

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Sat Feb 24 05:18:36 PST 2007

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Hello all,
Here are 3 reports.
I put draft minutes on ftp.
 Draft Minutes Feb07.pdf
SWG announcement:
We have CSS on R SWG on March 12 at T10 place.
Please refer to "9.5 Recordable CSS" in "Draft Minutes Feb07.pdf".
Mr. John Lohmeyer T10 chair did not reject our request to have a meeting
Meeting room is not fixed. When I receive the information, I will send as
as possible.
Please understand that this is closed meeting under DVD CCA NDA. So if you
to attend this meeting, please send your information to reflector or me by
7 to confirm your membership for DVD CCA.
Call for SWG chair:
I would like to call for volunteer for SWG chair. SWG chair shall be a member
company of DVD CCA.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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