Reminder: SAS PHY WG teleconference 2/22/07, 10 am CST

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Weekly teleconferences scheduled for Thursdays at 10 am CST: 
Toll Free Dial in Number: (866) 279-4742 
International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (309) 229-0118 
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Topic: SAS-2 PHY WG 
Date: Thursday 
Time: 10:00 am, Central Standard Time 
Meeting number: 826 515 680 
Meeting password: 6gbpsSAS 
1.) SAS-2 Zero-Length Test Load Characterization [Olawsky]
Alvin requested that information regarding the impact of the test load 
variations to the 3dB jitter measurement be included in an update.
2.) SAS-2 Return Loss Measurement Methodology
3.) For the reference receiver, what does a “tap” mean with regards to 
performance? StatEye has certain assumptions regarding this. Harvey Newman 
will discuss with the StatEye originator and try to provide a separate 
proposal that describes the tap performance assumptions.
4.) Continue discussion of PHY specification proposal.
r1 to be posted prior to meeting. Update delayed do to holiday and working 
a couple of specification questions.
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