mask x7F of byte 1 of Inquiry, by any other name

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Thu Feb 15 10:04:09 PST 2007

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Why is "Reserved" our Spc-4 name for mask x7F of byte 1 of Inquiry,
rather than "Obsolete"?
Over time, the names I see we gave this field include:
"Device-Type Qualifier" in T10 S1-r17b.txt
"Device-type modifier" in T10 S2-r10l.pdf and
"Reserved" in Spc-r11a.pdf and other T10 Spc since then
Anybody know why?
Curiously yours, thanks in advance,
P.S. I haven't yet checked the other prominent redefinitions of Inquiry
(T10 Mmc Scsi, Sff Scsi, Ufi Scsi, etc).

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