Reminder: SAS PHY teleconference 2/15/07, 10 am CST

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Sorry about the delay in posting this reminder. (Internet access was lost 
for a time due to weather conditions.)
Next teleconference 2/15, 2007
Weekly teleconferences scheduled for Thursdays at 10 am CST: 
Toll Free Dial in Number: (866) 279-4742 
International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (309) 229-0118 
Webex information: 
Topic: SAS-2 PHY WG 
Date: Thursday 
Time: 10:00 am, Central Standard Time 
Meeting number: 826 515 680 
Meeting password: 6gbpsSAS 
1.) 10/07-058r1 SAS-2 OOB and SSC [Finch]
A quick review should finish this item until the March meeting. Any 
concerns should be voiced.
2.) New items. 
10-meter cable specification update.
3.) Continue discussion of PHY specification proposal. 
Discussion items:
Actions from last call:
Kevin Witt will supply Alvin with updated illustrations of this pattern 
and 3dB emphasis.
The reference common mode impedance in the receiver table should be 25 
instead of 50. (Done, but no update to 063 has been posted yet.)
Adrian Robinson has agreed to provide a draft for an informative physical 
receiver test using the characteristics of a 10-meter cable.
Mahbubul Bari has agreed to provide a draft for return loss measurement.
Need voulenteers to provide drafts for additional measurement 
methodologies similar to what was done in SATA. Please help identify the 
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