SAS protocol specific diagnostic page, sas2r08.pdf change request

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Wed Feb 14 13:18:36 PST 2007

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In section, the sas2r08.pdf document states the following:
"The Protocol-Specific diagnostic page is transmitted using the SEND
DIAGNOSTIC command. If the device server receives a RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC
RESULTS command with the PAGE CODE field set to 3Fh, it shall terminate the
command with CHECK CONDITION status with the sense key set to ILLEGAL
REQUEST and the additional sense code set to INVALID FIELD IN PARAMETER
I believe the additional sense code should be set to INVALID FIELD IN CDB
LIST (24h 00h) and not INVALID FIELD IN PARAMETER LIST (26h 00h).
On tested Hitachi and HP/Fujitsu SAS drives, these drives correctly return
INVALID FIELD IN CDB LIST.  A minor point but I wanted to mention it for
future SAS spec updates.
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