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Tue Feb 6 16:03:57 PST 2007

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I am trying to expand our decoding for SAT specific SCSI extensions.  I am
interested in seeing the ATA Information VPD page on any SAT compliant
I have a SAS HBA with a SATA drive attached, but when I send this Inquiry
CDB, it sometimes hangs or it responds with incomplete information.
So, we have a free utility for any SAT developer who wants to test their
implementation of ATA Information VPD page versus the SAT specification.  It
is here:
It will graphically show you the device Inquiry page and the ATA Information
VPD page.  Use it as you like.	I do have one request, however.  There is a
"Save As..." button.  This will save the CDB results into a busTRACE capture
file.  If you could e-mail me that file, I would appreciate it.  It
basically allows me to see the command sent and the data returned from the
device / emulator.
For others that are curious, it will also show you the Inquiry page for your
device regardless of whether it is SAT or not.
This applet runs on Win XP/2003/Vista (x86/x64).  Thank you.
Mike Berhan
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