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Thank you for the detailed reply.
<<< RE: The page needs to report a variable number of events
(vendor-specific) for a variable number of phys (fixed by the hardware
design) configured as a variable number of ports (determined by what the
phys happen to be attached to); I don't think any other solution is going to
be much cleaner. >>>
I understand the need but this is one of the most complex pages I have seen.
In my experience, this complexity leads to more bugs in the firmware and in
the software trying to decode the data.  Certainly seems too late for any
drastic changes in this area and I know I'm late to the discussion on this
topic.	Thanks for listening.
By the way, if anyone is working on a SAS-2 device and wants to compare
their firmware return data with my software decoding, please contact me
privately.  We could help each other ensure proper compliance with the SAS-2
specification.	I wouldn't need your hardware.
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