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SAM-4 letter ballot resolution calls
There will be four SAM-4 letter ballot resolution meetings between now and 
the end of the year on the dates listed below. John Lohmeyer of LSI is 
able to provide a webex connection of the first meeting on 12/14. Call-in 
if you are interested in this topic.
12/14/2007 - 10:00 am - noon (central time)
12/17/2007 - 10:00 am - noon (central time)
12/19/2007 - 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm (central time)
12/21/2007 - 10:00 am - noon (central time)
Audio Conference Access Numbers
USA: 770-615-1254 (Note: this number may be a problem in some locations), 
Tie-Line 421-0038 or 1-877-421-0038
Passcode: 198458 
The webex information of the call on 12/14/2007 is as follows:
Topic: SAM-4 Letter Ballot 
Date: Friday, December 14, 2007 
Time: 10:00 am, Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00, Chicago ) 
Meeting Number: 570 547 640 
Meeting Password: Resolve 
Please click the link below to see more information, or to join the 
To join the online meeting 
1. Go to 
2. Enter your name and email address. 
3. Enter the meeting password: Resolve 
4. Click "Join". 
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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