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Mon Aug 13 18:11:47 PDT 2007

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There is a T10 USB Study Group scheduled for Wednesday 19-Sep-2007 from
12:30 to 1:30 (the intent is to fit into the end of the CAP WG lunch break,
with minimal meeting overlap).	The purpose of this meeting is to explore
the interest in developing a new USB queuing protocol for Mass Storage
devices.  The USB documentation also provides no guidance beyond the term
"transparent SCSI" for implementation; this would upgrade it into a full
SCSI Architecture Model compliant transport protocol.  The following items
need to be addressed:
1.	Requirements for using USB subclass 06h (transparent SCSI)
2.	Queuing (including task management)
3.	Autosense
4.	Encapsulate all CDBs  including the variable length ones (e.g., to
support the Object Storage Device (OSD) command set)
5.	SAM-4 compliance
6.	 Increased transport efficiency.
Rob Elliott (HP) and Curtis Stevens (WD)

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