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David Burg daviburg at
Thu Aug 9 16:53:09 PDT 2007

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Dear Katata-san,
My understanding is that you claimed at this week's Mt Fuji meeting that
Vista's Live file system will issue write commands to write-once and
rewritable discs even if the content is only played back, due to update
of access time file properties. Thus you felt the necessity for the Mt
Fuji - MMC standardized devices to workaround a mix of read and writes
even for playback applications.
I have discussed with the development lead for Vista Live file system.
He confirmed that we not update the access time on the files. This is
disabled by default. If you observe such issue, something else is
probably going on, shell creating desktop.ini files etc. Ravinder has
not seen this for a long time now, Vista Live file system seems pretty
stable. Please provide particular scenarios and steps taken to reproduce
this if you still observe such issue so Ravinder's team can investigate
and fix the problem.
Accordingly, the standard definition shall not be changed and work on
future standard does not need to workaround an hypothetical operating
system implementation problem.
Best regards,
David Burg.

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