Updated PHY specification and tomorrow's conference call

Alvin.Cox at seagate.com Alvin.Cox at seagate.com
Wed Aug 8 11:40:20 PDT 2007

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I have completed the transmitter device section except for some reference 
numbers to the receiver section. Changes also include putting the OOB 
transmitted requirements into a single section rather than in the 
transmitter tables. I will probably take a similar approach with the 
received OOB signal. I will start work updating the receiver device 
section, but wanted to go ahead and post this much to help in the review 
Please note that the 6Gbps eye opening tbd has an editor's note in the 
note referenced by the item. We determined that the eye opening would be 
hbased on the reference transmitter output voltage of 1000 mV pk-pk, but I 
am not sure how to handle this in the transmitter device specification 
Please review for tomorrow's call.
I have not posted the agenda for the 8/9 call yet pending information 
regarding StatEye version 5. Any agenda item suggestions are welcome. Just 
let me know.
Alvin Cox
Seagate Technology, LLC
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