Error in hexadecimal value of primitive encoding in SAS Standard

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SAS-2.	The reserved primitives were designed to be taken over in this
manner by new features.
The hex column was off by one as you mention; it should be correct in
sas2r11 (see  Table consistency in this
revision has been checked with a perl script.
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	Subject: Error in hexadecimal value of primitive encoding in SAS
	I find two issues in this table
	1.	OPEN_REJECT (RESERVED ABANDON 0) primitive is no longer
there. Was this removal from the standard intentional? 
	2.	The hexadecimal values in the table corresponding to the
primitives are not correct starting from OPEN_REJECT (RESERVED ABANDON
1) and has the wrong values for all open reject primitives. 
	Seems like when the row for the OPEN_REJECT (RESERVED ABANDON 0)
got deleated, the deletion of the row was missed out from the last
column and hence this column got shifted up by one row.

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