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SSC-3: Key Entry using Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
(by: Matt Ball)
T10/06-225r6   Uploaded: 2007/04/24   27857 bytes
SMC-3, Report Element Information
(by: Curtis Ballard)
T10/06-272r3   Uploaded: 2007/04/23   210674 bytes
SPC-4: Establishing a Security Association using IKEv2
(by: Matt Ball and David Black)
T10/06-449r4   Uploaded: 2007/04/24   343621 bytes
SAS-2 Zero-Length Test Load Characterization
(by: Barry Olawsky)
T10/07-013r5   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   8453987 bytes
SAS-2 6Gbps PHY specification
(by: Alvin Cox)
T10/07-063r5   Uploaded: 2007/04/25   491044 bytes
(by: George O. Penokie)
T10/07-075r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/23   103229 bytes
SAS-2 Redundant primitive sequence error handling
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/07-089r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   57134 bytes
SAS-2 Transmit IDENTIFY three times
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/07-090r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   126853 bytes
SAS-2:UML changes for logical phys
(by: George O. Penokie)
T10/07-094r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   67523 bytes
SAS-2 Far-end retimed loopback phy test function
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/07-119r2   Uploaded: 2007/04/28   154653 bytes
SAS2: ATTACHED SAS ADDRESS for virtual phys
(by: Robert Sheffield)
T10/07-154r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/27   17237 bytes
SAS-2 Clarify scope of retransmitted XFER_RDY & RESPONSE
(by: Robert Sheffield)
T10/07-166r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/27   40561 bytes
SAS-2 Port layer wide port ordering
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/07-177r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   78059 bytes
SAS 2.0 Transmitter Test Load
(by: Galen Fromm)
T10/07-193r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   592872 bytes
SAS 2.0 Transmitter Test Load
(by: Galen Fromm)
T10/07-193r1   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   3793469 bytes
(by: Rob Elliott and Jeff Wolford)
T10/07-200r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/26   39308 bytes
SES-2: Indication if element may be hot swapped
(by: George O. Penokie)
T10/07-202r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/25   18675 bytes
SBC-3 SPC-4 Block Device Characteristics VPD page and medium rotation
rate field
(by: Rob Elliott)
T10/07-203r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/28   21840 bytes
SSC-3: Fix conflict between 06-412r3 and 07-016r2
(by: Paul Entzel)
T10/07-204r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/25   26623 bytes
SAS-2: Improving a Jitter Definition
(by: John P. Hill)
T10/07-205r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/25   763599 bytes
Minutes of SAS PHY Working Group conference call April 26, 2007
(by: Alvin Cox)
T10/07-207r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/27   25537 bytes
SBC-3 Rename field in READ CAPACITY(16) parameter data
(by: Gerald Houlder)
T10/07-208r0   Uploaded: 2007/04/27   83716 bytes
Working Drafts
Serial Attached SCSI - 2 (SAS-2)
(Editor: Rob Elliott)
 Rev: 09a      Uploaded: 2007/04/23   6734119 bytes
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