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Table 356, in SPC-4 Revision 10, defines the NAA Designator field.  The
first four bits (bits 7-4) of this field indicate the Name Address Authority
(NAA).	Table 357 shows three defined values:
2h  IEEE Extended
5h  IEEE Registered
6h  IEEE Registered Extended
In other specifications (e.g. FC-FS), I have found the Name_Identifier
define additional NAA values.  For example:
0h  Ignored
1h  IEEE 48-bit Address
2h  IEEE Extended
3h  Logically Assigned
4h  32-bit IP Address
5h  IEEE Registered
6h  IEEE Registered Extended
Remaining Reserved
Are SPC-4 compliant devices allowed to return NAA values other than 2, 5, or
6.  If so, should Table 357 show the additional values?
The reason I ask is that I am debugging an iSCSI device that is returning an
NAA value of 0 (Ignored) and I am trying to determine if this device is
SPC-3/4 compliant.  Thank you.
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