MMC/Mt Fuji: Mandatory features for no profile current

David Burg daviburg at
Mon Apr 23 15:11:11 PDT 2007

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While working on Windows logo testing definition for optical devices, we
noticed that the "No Current Profile (0000h)" does not provide a table
of mandatory features. However some features are mandatory for type 5
devices even if no profile is current - e.g. "Profile List Feature
(0000h)" says "This Feature is always current, even if none of the
Profiles listed are current.". Probably "Core Feature (0001h)" and
"Power Management Feature (0100h)" should also be made mandatory.
If the "No Current Profile (0000h)" ~profile~ is reported, then we
assume the device supports some type of removable media hence the
"Morphing Feature (0002h)" and "Removable Medium Feature (0003h)" also
should be mandatory. This does not mean that "Morphing Feature (0002h)"
and "Removable Medium Feature (0003h)" are mandatory for all profiles -
e.g. for the "Non-Removable Disk Profile (0001h)" the "Morphing Feature
(0002h)" and "Removable Medium Feature (0003h)" features will continue
to be non-available.
Could we make also the "Microcode Upgrade Feature (0104h)", "Timeout
Feature (0105h)" and "Drive Serial Number Feature (0108h)" mandatory as
basic functionality for all devices?
Then we could list all these 8 features as mandatory when reporting "No
Current Profile (0000h)".
Best regards,
David Burg.

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