Proposal for additional 6G SAS Phy spec

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This is exactly the type of discussion we need at the meeting. It will be 
included along with any other issues that people can find with the 
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Proposal for additional 6G SAS Phy spec
Alvin & the SAS Phy folks,
I would like to revive the proposal for a minimum spec on the TX VMA.  I 
believe Kevin originally proposed this, and now, especially in the absence 
of a normative spec on de-emphasis, I believe nothing formally limits the 
minimum VMA.  The current proposal sets max/min limits on the peak 
voltage, but not on VMA which is arguably a more relevant parameter for 
signal integrity.
Hence, I propose 600 mVppd as the minimum value for TX VMA (which is the 
same value I believe Kevin proposed originally).
This subject really doesn’t seem to have much meat for a presentation, but 
I would like to discuss this during the Phy meeting, if we can spare a 
little time.  I will try to summarize these points with a few slides and 
will upload them if anyone requests.

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