SAS-2 PHY: 06-324r3 Posted: Modifications to the SAS Speed Negotiation

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Sun Sep 24 06:07:54 PDT 2006

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06-324r3 should now be available on the T10 website.
Significant changes were made to the first half of this document based upon
input received at the September face-to-face meeting of the Phy Working
Because of the extent of these changes, the updates are NOT marked with
strike outs, adds or change bars.  The reason being that they were so
extensive that they were useless!
The second half of this document deals with the state machine and state
descriptions.  This portion was not reviewed at the meeting and no changes
were made to this area.
I believe it is the plan to review this document during this coming
Thursday's conference call.
Also of note:  Steve Finch has joined Amr Wassel as co-author of this
proposal.  We will continue to work together with the committee to get this
Steve Finch
303 381-3587
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